When choosing a new apartment

Choice of a home that would be good and comfortable to live in is not a minor task. When choosing a home from many apartments for sale, first of all you should consider your specific needs.

  • Consider what environment you would like to live in: whether you prefer nature or a city life, what infrastructure is important to you, what services are provided in the neighbourhood, whether there is good connections with the location.
  • When assessing the real estate you are interested in, it is important to decide on the kind of architecture you are interested in - low or high rise, aesthetic visual appearance of the new house, finishing, requirements for specific architectural solutions (maybe you would like to have a balcony or a patio, or a storage room in the basement and maybe a bicycle storage).
  • In order to ensure the full quality of life, you should assess the arrangement of the home territory and welfare, pay attention to the functions provided in the residential neighbourhood: whether there is a comfortable parking lot, secured safety of the territory, whether there are relaxation areas, children’s playgrounds, etc.- after all, you will spend part of your leisure time in the new home environment.
  • When choosing a new apartment, attention should be paid to the quality of the construction of the house, structural and technological solutions (construction of walls, windows solutions, adequacy of the heating and ventilation systems for a warm house, soundproof solution between apartments, etc.).
  • Consider your family’s needs, decide on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms; if you are planning to have children in the near future, you may want to buy a larger home. When buying a new apartment, you should decide whether you want and if you have time to equip it yourself, or maybe you would like to settle down in a fully furnished house – in this case you should be aware of the finishing options of the offered apartments.
  • Finally, after a review of all the options that interest you, the most important is to assess the available information as well as all of the pros and cons, consider what is important to you and choose the best option.

Before buying an apartment in the new house you like, consider the environment and the district. Pay attention whether the block is surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure – is there good communication or will you need to spend larger part of the evening in a traffic jam, whether you will be able to enjoy all essential services: food stores, medical facilities, banks, even specific entertainment, etc. Consider the area in terms of the noise from the surrounding more intense streets. You can even find out whether, for example, there are any plans to develop industrial objects in the surrounding areas such as factories or plants that can spread undesired odours. Pure, uncontaminated air in a residential neighbourhood is also a very important indicator. You can talk to the neighbours and ask their opinions about the area - people living in a particular area longer can reveal things that cannot be seen by visiting the place only once. Pay attention to the people living around, whether the district is busy in the evenings, and the general atmosphere of the block.

After you have picked out a particular block of buildings, check the plans for the arrangement of the territory. How it is intended to ensure well-being, what features are being designed. It is important that the area would be safe, fenced, equipped with lockable gates, well lit in the evenings. Convenient parking should be ensured both on the ground and on the underground floors. The inner courtyards should be not only nice and beautiful, but also interesting. A variety of functions and activities should be designed for relaxation and play. It must be taken care of walking paths, recreational areas, green space, small architecture (benches, lighting, shades), children’s playgrounds or even outdoor exercise equipment and dog-walking grounds. It is important that you would wish to spend some time not only in your new apartment, but also outside.

Living environment is important to every man as it affects the overall well-being, satisfaction and the feeling of delight over your own home. A significant part of the overall environmental is also created by high-quality, modern architecture, which harmonizes with the environment and contributes to it instead of damaging the landscape. Therefore, it is important to note whether the real estate developers had endeavoured to create attractive and aesthetic architecture, which will retain its value for many years in the future, or simply had chosen the cheapest and easiest solution. If you are thinking of buying a new apartment in a particular house, check what kind of finishing materials have been selected for the facades, whether they guarantee the quality, or whether the house will look crumpled and outdated just in a few years - after all, this will spoil the mood every time you will return home. Inspect the new apartment options - whether design solutions make it easy to change the layout as you want, whether the flats are bright, with large windows, consider if you may additionally benefit from a balcony or a terrace.

No less important issue when choosing a new accommodation is the quality of the construction of a particular building. You should look into the structural and technological solutions, especially those that directly affect the comfort of the residents, for example, building energy efficiency and protection from noise.
The thermal efficiency of a new home is influenced not by a single factor, but by a complex of solutions. Before choosing a new apartment, you should be looking into a few basic things that determined the building’s low thermal energy needs in the largest extent. These are the structures of the foundation, walls, floor and roof, windows, doors and their installation and the heating and ventilation systems. The construction quality is very important because all of the building structures must be properly insulated and their connections must be installed without cold bridges. It must be sought to achieve the highest building tightness possible. Check whether proper windows and doors have been selected, whether they are efficiently assembled, what will be the planned heating and cooling systems.
Good noise insulation is a very important requirement for a building. Comfortable life in an apartment building can be provided only by high-quality protection against ambient noise and good sound insulation between the neighbouring apartments. Sound insulation quality is determined by the construction regulations. In a newly constructed buildings, sound insulation must comply with the regulations in force at the time of construction. However, before buying a new apartment, it should be worth to find out what sound insulation class is designed for a specific building. Then volume increases by 10 dB, a person accepts it as twice the actual volume, thus if the real estate developer selected by you has taken care of better sound insulation class than required by the regulations, you can give a plus to the particular building.

Reliable real estate developers make apartment reservations and sales only after the start of the construction. This ensures that all the documents related to the building permit are in order and no obstacles arise for the implementation of the process. Also in this way you will be given the opportunity to monitor the project and the construction process. It is worth paying attention to the company’s approach to the client, as the dialogue between the seller and the buyer is necessary. A responsible and innovative company always consider its client not only as a buyer of the services, but also as human beings, so it takes care of the customers and their well-being after the commissioning of the project as well.

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