Peace in the natural surroundings

“Palangos Šilas” is located in a romantic setting, next to a forest growing in the territory. You will reach the sea by bike just in 7 minutes! Here you will be constantly surrounded by greenery and harmonious architectural solutions. A forest growing in the territory, terraces on the outskirts of the forest, balconies in every apartment, recreational areas, surrounding greenery and fresh air will strengthen the connection between nature and a human being and ensure peace of mind and the quality of rest.

Forest in the territory, modern welfare

When planning the territory of the block, first of all we sought to create a safe, comfortable and modern place that meets your needs. For your safety and comfort, the whole area is lighted and fenced, there are lockable gates and a gate bar installed, both ground and underground parking lots for cars, locked storerooms designed on the ground floors. The western part of the territory contains 0.3 ha forest, where are the closed recreational areas; and the apartment terraces with direct access to the skirts of the forest allowing you to enjoy the benefits of nature. In the central part of the territory, it is planned to install a courtyard with walking paths, recreational areas and green space, where you will be able to relax, play, do sports or just read a book on a bench under a tree.

Close to city centre

The new houses of the block “Palangos Šilas” are located in Palanga, Žiogų Street, very close to the town’ centre. In this block you will enjoy not only the surrounding nature, but also an excellent infrastructure - within the radius of 500m, you will find various food shops, schools and kindergartens, banks and medical facilities. The bus station of Palanga is nearby; there are various cafes and bars. Thus those wishing to feel the rhythm of the town will enjoy all facilities and temptations located just nearby!

Warm housing

When buying a new apartment, a very important task is to choose a warm home. The houses of the “Palangos Šilas” block are designed to meet the high energy efficiency . The thermal efficiency of a new house is influenced not by a single factor, but by a complex of solutions: foundations, wall and roof structures, windows, doors, their installation, the heating and ventilation systems.

The structures of the buildings of  “Palangos Šilas” (foundation, walls, roof) are properly insulated and are highly resistant; the installation of the construction joints will contain no cold bridges. We have selected proper high-quality windows and doors installed so to avoid the slightest heat loss. We have designed natural ventilation and the possibility for installing air conditioners. In the 5th floor apartments, there are places for the local recuperation systems according to the needs.

The designed energy saving heat collecting system will help to adjust heating in the apartments. Hot water circulation will be ensured.  Bathroom towels dryers are designed electric. Independent heating will allow to fully turning off the heating system of an apartment in case of absence.


The sense of security, comfort and cosiness is very important seeking to ensure the quality of life. In “Palangos Šilas”, we have designed a well-lit, fenced territory with lockable gates and a gate bar for vehicles. The car owners will have remote controls used for the control of the moveable gates / gate bar. The same remote control will be used to enter into the underground parking on the ground floor. The apartments will be equipped with intercom handsets for the opening of the front door. The building door can be locked with a key. The entrance from the basement room will be locked with a separate key. 

Housing for disabled people, apartments for everyone

When choosing a new home, it is important to have various options, apartment layouts and squaring variants - after all, our needs are different. Bearing this in mind, we have designed buildings with spacious and bright lounges, elevators in each building, storerooms and parking spaces on the basement floor. Each house offers a wide choice of 1-4 room apartments of nine different layouts, with the area from 23.85m2 to 95.98m2. You will be delighted by the functional layout, the option to choose an apartment adjusted for the disabled people, balconies or terraces in each apartment, option to install fireplaces in the fifth-floor apartments. If necessary, the buildings’ design solutions will not restrict the possibilities to re-organize the existing partitions in the apartments according to the needs.

The sea

The sea is a wonderful advantage that not all resorts can boast of. Palanga is proud of not only that the Baltic Sea iswashing its coasts, but also of excellent shores and beaches, light and soft sand, dunes and pinewoods, separating the natural coastline from the town’s hustle and bustle. Palanga resort is perfectly equipped for bike ride or walk on foot. So if you have a wish to bounce over the waves, tan in the sun or look for amber on the coast, you will reach in the sea from “Palangos Šilas” by bike just in 7 minutes!

Storerooms and parking spaces

For your convenience, we have designed parking places not only within the territory, but also the on the ground floor of the buildings with movable doors, operated by remote control.

If you have a number of less frequently or only seasonally used items, or just want to be able to keep a bike not in the apartment – you may purchase a storeroom on the ground floor of the buildings (2.5m² - 3.5m²).

Quality of engineering and architecture

During the designing of the “Palangos Šilas” residential block, we paid great attention to the quality of construction, solutions of warm housing, structural and technological solutions of the designed buildings, sound insulation.

We harmonized the architectural concept with the surrounding natural environment, also we have chosen natural solutions and emphasized the core values ​​- aesthetics, quality, satisfaction of the needs. We have chosen the best facade finishing materials, designed bright and spacious lounges, elevators, parking spaces and storerooms on the ground floor, balconies or terraces in every apartment, wide selection of apartments.

Balcony or terrace in each apartment

When designing “Palangos Šilas”, we harmonized all decisions with the surrounding natural environment, emphasized the core values ​​- aesthetics, quality, naturalness, satisfaction of the needs. The architectural conception reflects in the desire to enhance the connection of nature and human. Terraces on the outskirts of the forest and balconies in each apartment will allow you to enjoy the surrounding nature, fresh air and quality recreation.